Brownie Tasting!

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The other day in Literary Gourmet, the class was posed with the challenge of finding the best brownie recipe (a challenge that most people would probably pay to take). We took the recipes for 5 differnet brownies and made them all specifically as each recipe described. The next day, we were able to taste each individual batch of brownies to determine which, out of the brownies we made, was the best brownie recipe. I had orginally thought that because of everyone’s different tastes, we would not be able to come to a solid conclusion. However, I was wrong. There was one batch that significantly stood out from the rest. The final batch (batch #5, Ruth Reichl’s Art Park) was unique in that it had gone against the rules and didn’t follow the recipe exactly; the batch lacked the required amount of flour. This potentially caused the brownies to come out feeling and tasting exactly like chocolate fudge. To say the least, they were absolutely addictive. In my personal opinion, the runner up was batch #3 (Cook’s Illustrated: Best Classic Brownies). These brownies were very decieving. On the outside, they looked very unappealing and overcooked. However, the top just turned out to be a very thin layer of hardened crust while the inside held that wonderful fudgey interior. Brownie batches #1 and #2 (Both were diffrent Betty Crocker recipes) were both pretty average brownies overall. They were good but not quite irresistable as #3 and #5 had been. But the clear loser had been a bit of a shock. Batch #4 had been made from a Ghiradelli recipe. Ghiradelli is famous for their different chocolates so surely they would be able to make a good choclate brownie. This was not the case. The brownies came out extremely bitter and left a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Granted this could have had something to do with the pan but seeing as none of the others had this problem, I don’t think so. Who knew the great chocolate makers would be blown away by a simple homemade recipe.


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